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The place to find information and share experiences around dementia.

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More about Dementia Connections:

Dementia Connections aims to connect you and your loved ones with the support you need. Whether it is information about organisations and services operating in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, useful resources and information or simply someone to chat to, Dementia Connections is here to help.

This website was created in response to the NHS’s Dementia Challenge, a broad partnership of organisations who are working together to transform the way people think about dementia in Cornwall.

This website is powered by the people of Cornwall, all content has been created and uploaded by individuals or organisations, we take no responsibility for any information shared on this website. Please see our privacy policy and terms of use for more information.

Dementia Connections has been created as part of a partnership of organisations here in Cornwall including Age UK, Arts for Health Cornwall, Alzheimer’s Society, Peninsula Community Health, Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust and the Kernow Clinical Commissioning Group and Sea.